VIP Onboarding

Unlock Your Blockchain Success

Personalized Onboarding for Maximum Impact!

Introducing our VIP Onboarding Service:

  • Click-by-Click Setup: We guide you through the seamless account setup process, ensuring you're ready to network, advertise, and earn on the innovative BSV-powered platforms.
  • Exclusive Linktree Creation: We build you a personalized Linktree that showcases all your unique referral links, empowering you to invite your audience to join you on the blockchain and earn passive micropayments of BitcoinSV when they engage with the platforms.
  • Audience Education: If desired, our expert team can educate your audience using your unique Linktree, allowing you to capture the passive income from your clients' platform usage while we handle the onboarding process.
  • Marketing Asset: You'll walk away with a valuable marketing asset, your Linktree, which drives traffic to your blockchain presence and helps you earn passive income while engaging with your audience.
  • Private Membership Club: Gain access to our exclusive private club, where you'll continue learning how to leverage this technology for monetized web3 campaigns targeted at your audience.

Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to take your brand to new heights in the blockchain era. Invest in your success today with our VIP Onboarding Service for just $997, and unlock a world of possibilities for your entrepreneurial journey.